No Running–Week 4 Recap

Okay, this is no running business is starting to get hard….

I miss running. BUT, instead of being a negative Nancy, I got my butt in the gym last week to get my workout on in other ways.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 8.12.46 PM


Monday was my first day of vacation (aka: no work and kids still in school) and I did some Christmas shopping, got in some good walking, and wondered why I didn’t wear a pedometer or something.

I met one of my running buddies at the gym Tuesday morning for my first official attempt at swimming. We were there for a good hour and I learned how to put on a water cap and goggles, swim without plugging my nose with my hand, and the 1-2-3 breathe method. I felt like a rockstar when I finished because I felt like I accomplished so much–and I had!

I abhor wearing bathing suits so getting in one is something huge for me; I went in knowing absolutely nothing about swimming and managed to freestyle swim without looking completely ridiculous; opening my eyes underwater and swimming without plugging my nose were things I just never did. It took a while for me to get used to trusting the goggles and practice not breathing/swallowing in water but after a while, I managed to somewhat get it down. I was SO thankful for my patient friend T–I would never have attempted the feat on my own.


Wednesday I met up with the same friend at the gym. Technically I was supposed to wait for my check-up on Monday for bike clearance but I’m pretty confident I’ll get it so I went with her to spin promising myself I would take it easy–especially whenever I had to stand on the bike.

And I was completely fine. Still no pain and I def took it easy–so much so, I felt like the instructor was pointing me out when she yelled, “If you’re not dying then you’re not riding hard enough!” I wanted to tell her I was new (and injured), lol!

Sssh! My first time spinning!

Sssh! My first time spinning!

I was back in the pool Thursday and I felt like the honeymoon was over. I had left Tuesday feeling good about how I’d done with my swimming attempts but that morning, I felt like I had regressed. I wasn’t breathing correctly, my butt/hips were sinking, and my strokes were all over the place. We practiced a few things to help correct them and then jumped in the hot tubΒ to recover. I was pooped!


It was Christmas Eve and my kids left Santa cookies and carrots for his reindeer. My little guy wanted to eat Santa’s cookies sooooo bad.


Pleeeeease Mommy!!??

Fridays are my usual rest days and I did just that.Β It was a nice relaxed Christmas and we hung out in our jammies all day. It was perfect.


My Christmas present to Mom ❀ #adeletickets

And I did do a one minute plank before bed too πŸ˜€

My husband ran his 16 miler Saturday morning like the machine that he is–he’ll be running Phoenix Marathon–and I hung out with the kids all morning. I did a short arm/upper body workout before bed and called it a day. I’ve been looking at some good, short routines I could do at home to work my upper body. Any recs?

Sunday I was back at the pool. My friend T, and two other buddies joined me and we worked on a few things to help with my breathing and strokes. After a few tries, I felt improvement and that made me feel better. Swimming is hard. I like hard, but I also like feeling like I’m at least progressing and not wasting people’s time. My friends are amazing and would never feel that way, but you guys know what I mean.

My first check-up is Monday, today, and I’m nervous. I never felt any pain so it’s hard for me to gauge if my injury has been improving. I’m just hoping whatever he sees on the x-rays shows things are going the way they should. I want to run!

I’ll update on Instagram πŸ™‚ Hope you all have a great week!!!

–How was your Christmas? (If you celebrate)

–Do you think swimming is hard? What tips can you offer me?Β 

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  1. Fingers crossed for good healing vibes. Good for you with the swimming. I grew up with a pool and always thought of myself as a good swimmer. First time Rock and I went to a pool to swim laps, I was a hot mess. The life guard came over to offer tips on how to freestyle better. Ugh. I plan to take lessons. I want to be very proficient since we have a baby and a lake house.

  2. Swimming is great cross training. I’m with you. I hate swimming, so I don’t do it, but it is sooo good for you. No improvement is a smooth path. Remember it’s always 3 steps forward, 2 back. The important part is that there’s a trend toward improvement.

    Kudos to your hubs for his 16-miler.

  3. I might have mentioned it before, but I went from not being to swim at all to at least making it through a couple of triathlons using the total immersion style…they have a great book and you can find the drills on youtube i think…best of luck.

  4. Take a swimming lesson! I took a great many as a kid, and it has served me well. Even just one lesson will help you a ton! You’ll learn how to breathe properly and stroke through the water more efficiently. I’m so glad that you are grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns and not letting the injury get you down.
    Good luck at the appointment!

  5. I want to hear all about the Adele concert. Do people just sit during it? Do they sing along? It wouldn’t be like pop or rock concerts with lots of dancing and stuff haha…But I do love Adele!

    Nice job getting some workouts in. You’re really taking this injury in stride. I’m a terrible swimmer and definitely wouldn’t have had the guts to go in lieu of running.

    • OMG, I am wondering all the EXACT SAME THINGS!!! I’ll def report back πŸ˜‰

      I think because I know I would’ve been depressed doing nothing, that helped me get in the pool. I HATE water (swimming, lakes, oceans, rivers) but my friends are very encouraging and it has been nice to have so much support

  6. You’re going to Adele! YAY! So exciting! What a great gift. I swam while I was pregnant with Callum and it’s really hard! I don’t really know what I’m doing out there so I can’t give you any advice. I hope you can get back to running STAT. Both of us, actually. Sigh…

  7. Congratulations on taking the first big step and getting into the pool several times this week! πŸ™‚ I grew up swimming and was on a swim team for several years. I wasn’t competitive about it- it was just something to do. I agree with SuzLyfe’s rec of taking a swim lesson. And other than that, just KEEP DOING IT. πŸ™‚

    Spin classes are crazy hard!!! I took those when I was injured and I swear it was harder than running. I haven’t spun in awhile though. It really aggravates my IT band with all the repetitive motion.

  8. I have no idea how to swim and it scares me to death. I know I need to learn how to but I am such a wuss and should just do it, but it’s that one fear that I have. Way to go!

  9. I can swim but haven’t done it in sooooooo long! If I go to a pool it’s usually to lounge or dip my feet in, lol. I like the idea of taking a class or lessons! Your little guy is so cute wanting to eat Santa’s cookies haha. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and I’ll see you in a few weeks πŸ™‚

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