Two Week Food Logging…..Read At Your Own Risk

Happy Marathon Monday!!! Wow, how incredibly inspiring was this morning? I was lucky to be able to watch on t.v. and track friends online. I could tell that the heat affected many but there were some who still rocked it despite of. Congrats, Boston finishers!!! #jealous ❤

Okay, for those of you have been reading for a while, this will not come as as surprise. Two weeks of logging my food intake was…..not pretty. I’ve always been incredibly honest about my eating bad habits. It’s the hardest part of fitness for me by faaaaar. I can workout like no tomorrow, but when it comes to food, I have THE WORST self-discipline ever.

why tho?

My coach wanted me to log two weeks’ worth of food entries to see what she was working with. I’m not sure to what capacity she’ll help with this part of my training, but you’ll soon see that ANY help at this point is well needed.

I’m not this bad anymore, I swear. I’m down to a single row of just Coca-cola

I wanted to be honest, and I was from the beginning when I told her my diet sucked. I didn’t try to really “clean” up my food intake during the two weeks because I wanted her to see how I really eat. I was definitely embarrassed some days, because I knew she’d be seeing that entry at some point, but maybe that was a good thing? I also was forgetful, not because I didn’t want to put in what I ate (I swear!) but having to input all my meals was tough in what’s always a hectic day in my life, lol!

(I used MyFitnessPal, btw.)

Okay, here’s a peek of what we’re dealing with here. (These are not consecutive days, btw–but they might as well be, lol)

forgot to input dinner


You’ll start to notice a theme here….


coffee for breakfast, again…..and believe you me, I wanted more than 4 slices of pizza for dinner


Another winner of a day below….

But wait, there’s more!

Forgot to input dinner…was likely pasta….


Well, I like pizza…as you can tell. The thing is, there’s this place called Barro’s Pizza that has uh-mazing lunch specials–like 2 huge slices and a drink for $4.25!!!

I know, I know….

In all honesty, I feel like logging in my food has actually helped in a way. I see first hand how many calories each thing is which is new to me. It does make me a little more conscious of what I put in my mouth.

But at the end of the day, I know I like bad food. And I know that the only way I can better my diet is to keep my goal in front of me everyday. If I didn’t have a reason to change my diet, I honestly wouldn’t. Do I think changing my diet will be the difference between BQing or not BQing? I don’t know; but, I do know that I don’t want to attempt to BQ the rest of my life. If I can do everything I can, and set myself up for success on my first try, why wouldn’t I give it a shot?

It’ll be hard, just like trying to run 8 minute miles for 26.2 miles will be hard–but how does that saying go?

Hard is what makes it great.

–Do you struggle with your diet? 

–How often do you eat pizza?

–What tips do you have for me to help curb my love of fast food and soda?


45 responses

  1. Guurrrll – you are my spirit animal when it comes to food! My biggest secret is I LOVE bad food. Pizza everyday! Yaaasss! LOL but in all honesty I have tried to clean up my diet over the last year or so, and I do think it makes a difference. But everyone is different, some people can eat bad and not gain a lb! Now that I am getting older if I look at a donut I gain 5lbs!! I tend to try do everything in moderation now. Pizza once a week, pasta night, salads for lunch, salmon and sweet potatoes here and there! Good luck on your journey!!!!

  2. bravo for having the cojones to post 3 days of real eating! my problem is that I’m often really good up until the afternoon or dinner when i just want to have take out and beer after a long day. 😛 i’m also a big afternoon snacker…4pm munchies are no joke. i go through phases where i log for a little bit just to stay honest. i know that when i’m putting good food in my body, i run better and recover easier. but staying the course can be a struggle!

    btw for soda… my BF is a fan, and he switched to drinking sparkling water a few years ago … you can add a bit of juice or italian soda for sweetness.

    • Staying the course is a HUGE struggle 😦 And yeah, dinner is the hardest. My husband likes eating bad as much as I do so it’s tough when one wants to eat something “healthy”–he’d do it, but I feel bad (and also not-so-secretly want the bad stuff).

      As far as the soda, I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Sparkling water, italian soda, la croix, tea—but I just like the dark, carbonated sugar that is Coke. 😥

  3. I so appreciate your honesty. You know how I feel about WIAW (ahem….liars!). Obviously this has worked for you for the most part, but if there is one thing I have learned in all of my studies the past few years, there is definitely a healthy-unhealthy. Sometimes those of us who look fit and exercise a lot, don’t take great care of our bodies. And let me tell you, a little fine tuning of the nutrients we put into our bodies and you will be amazed with how your performance can improve. Really excited to see how it all works out and thank you for your honesty!

    • EXACTLY. People look at me and see I’m skinny and automatically think I eat carrots and hummus everyday (I’ve never tasted hummus). And while my lifestyle has carried me this far, I think getting a little more healthy diet wise is what will take me to the next step. thank you for your support!! I need it!! ❤

  4. My favorite part about working with a sports nutritionist was learning that having a slice of pizza (or pasta, or naan, or whatever) was JUST FINE as long as I a) had enough protein with it (typically way more than I was eating) and b) 1-3x the volume in raw or lightly cooked veggies beforehand. SIGN ME UP!! 🙂

    • Sigh….except I don’t do any of those things….My protein is whatever is in the pepperonis, lol!!! I do drink a protein chocolate milk in the morning though! 😀 And I’m SOOOO bad about veggies. I think I just need to find a few I like, put them in little baggies or tupperware to have ready-to-grab. I think convenience is a big thing for me as far as why I eat so bad so if I could make the healthy stuff convenient, that might help 🙂

  5. logging food is tough…we tried it for a while using MFP and I did ok until it just became too tedious – i’ve only got so much time in the day to track stats and running and biking is more important!! i think trying to identify patterns of certain behaviors is important and it looks like you’ve managed to do that 🙂 each of us are so different so it’s impossible to say whether it will make a difference in terms of a BQ…for me personally, I know I gotta drop 5 more pounds for a shot at a marathon PR…if I ever tried a BQ, I’d probably need to lose 10-15lbs just to be able to run the training paces. As for advice…remove the cream and sugar from the coffee and change that yuban out for Starbucks (but you know I gotta say that!!)..have a great training week!

    • TOTALLY, I already have so many things to do that inputting/tracking my food is just not a priority, lol!!

      My husband is trying to wean me from cream and sugar (he drinks it black) and surprisingly, I don’t like Starbucks coffee (don’t hate me!) I think my husband is pleased with that part though, lol!! Thanks for stopping by!!! (and thanks again for the RoadID discount!)

  6. Well you weren’t kidding! Do you enjoy cooking? I tried out a few free samples of meal subscription services (Hellofresh, Blue Apron) that are pretty fool-proof and have a ton of variety. They also post their recipes online for free so you could buy the ingredients yourself and don’t have to ever spend time thinking about what to cook. My weakpoint is chocolate and I’m kind of interested to see what would happen if I cut it out but that isn’t going to happen. I see the appeal of going all in for a BQ though.

    • I don’t particularly enjoy cooking because I’m not good at it, but something like Blue Apron that is step by step and sends me ALL the ingredients I could probably do, lol!! I should look at their website–thanks for that!!!

  7. Oh girl! I’m trying so hard to clean up my diet. It’s the lack of preparation that gets me. It’s just so easy to hit the drive thru!! I’m on day one of logging my diet. It’s an eye opener for sure. I go through phases when I can meal prep, but honestly I get in a rythmn and if I get derailed it’s all over. Just pass the fries already. 😜

  8. I hadn’t had pizza for months and decided I NEEDED it on Friday the night before my long run. When I met my run group in the morning they were all discussing what they ate for dinner the night before, I stayed quiet, I was too embarrassed! My meals are usually quite clean it’s snacking and treats I can’t control AT ALL! I used to use My Fitness Pal and that really helped but I always stop after a few weeks and go back to eating bad again!

    • My running friends know what a hot mess I am when it comes to food, lol!! But the people I’ve met who work with my coach are super healthy and I’d be embarrassed to tell them (plus, I don’t know them, know them, you know? lol!) And I’m the same way, I can get going for a week or two, but then pizza……

  9. Last night I had cracker jack and beer for dinner. The night before was brussels and ham and cornbread and a giant slice of pie. The day before was fries, chips, cornbread, and ice cream cake.
    I’m doomed. BUT IT IS ALL FOR YOSHI

  10. So WordPress occasionally tells me that I might be interested in old posts of yours and it brought up a post from when you did your 100 day challenge of not drinking soda. I think you did this before I started following you. It was interesting reading that post.

    • I go back to that post a lot because I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID IT. This most recent attempt was a disaster and I kept telling myself that I’d done it before. But yeah, I lasted a week…..

  11. Oh man, I am right there with you. The biggest help for me in combatting “bad foods” is to meal plan and prep as much as possible. Taking a few hours on the weekend to make a huge vat of food I can pull from for lunches means I’m not spending $50 a week on takeout, and generally eating less crap. Portion control is also a big problem for me. *sigh* Thank you for being real about what you’ve got going on. I wish you lots and lots of determination and self-control as you work toward your BQ!

  12. Love your honesty because otherwise I would have to hesitate before telling you that I eat pizza pretty much daily. I’ve felt so busy and stressed at the end of the semester that my lunch prepping has been reducing to baking a frozen pizza and portioning it into 4 lunches. Yesterday was my last day of class so I’ll soon be adding things like vegetables back into my diet. Which is probably a good thing, but also kind of sad because pizza is delicious!

  13. My family and I have make your own pizza every Sunday for dinner. I make the dough and make individual pizzas for everyone, and we all choose what toppings to go on. It’s honestly not that hard to make pizza dough and it’s tons healthier than buying it. That might fill your craving for pizza but be a healthier option.

  14. I do have to say, you have to live. So giving up all the things you like is just, well, seems sort of crazy. I drink beer, I eat crap, but yeah, you have to balance everything. Best of luck to you – it’s worth it – I ran Boston yesterday and after bonking three years ago and not really remembering much of the last five miles, um, this race freaking rocks. Go get it!!!!

  15. Helly, I thought I loved you before, but now my love has blossomed into something much more profound and intimate. Ha ha ha! YOU RULE. Okay, okay, I’m not supposed to encourage this, right? So… I drink a lot of pop (soda) too, but it’s even worse—it’s DIET. I should do an honest post like this one day but I can’t when I’m pregnant because it’s the one time where I really eat and drink things that are healthy. As soon as I give birth, it’s game-on!

  16. Reading this was pretty useful for me, actually, because my diet sometimes really sucks too. Most of the time, I’m good cause my husband cooks. But when he’s away, its like everything falls apart and my diet gets REALLY bad. I also like soda. I should probably do this too and try to clean up as I get closer to training for St. George.

  17. Thanks for your honesty!! I think there is a way to have a balance between those foods that you love and adding in some extra protein and veggies. I bet if you cleaned up the diet a bit and got some amazing nutrients, you would be surprised how much your performance improves. I mean you are already killing it, so just imagine!!!

    • That’s what I’m hoping. I’ve seen improvements in my running so far and now I think if I want to improve even more, I’m going to have to make that extra effort. Here’s hoping! 🙂 ❤

  18. I love this! My diet is not where it should be, and I wonder if I cleaned it up would I see improvements. Though, I think I’ll try to run consistently first – then add in diet changes!

  19. Well done for giving it a go! What will spur you on are the improvements in your running and the clarity of your thought not eating too many carbs and soda. I love pizza more than anything so once a month I have pizza. A HUGE one. Then it’s back to healthy eating until next month. Also I treat myself after marathons too but not too much. I found the best way to itch that crazy fizzy drink love is sparkling water with a squirt of lime juice and dash of lemon juice. It almost tastes the same… I’ve too just started back healthy after being injured so ate a lot of pizza and now have gone veggie and keto (I’m usually keto) whilst slowly getting running again. Good luck!

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