Week 4–St. George Marathon Training

One month down!! This week’s recap is a little late as I was out of town celebrating America this weekend 🙂

Happy birthday, U.S.A!

Here’s how the last of June went down:

Monday, June 26th–8 miles: 2 miles WU; 2 miles uphill, 2 miles downhill @7:40 pace; 2 miles CD

Normally, I look forward to tempo runs, but because I knew this would involve hills, I was a bit nervous. And yep, it was hard.

Tuesday, June 27th–Core strengthening and stretching

Did my MYRTLES, foam rolled, and stretched. I usually do some sort of core work and foam rolling every day, but I up the ante on cross training days that I don’t bike.

Wednesday, June 28th–7 miles: Ladder 800, 1000, 1200, 1000, 800 @6:40 pace

Noticing a theme? lol!! #alwayshard

Thursday, June 29th–5 easy miles @9:24/mile

I met up with my BQ training buddy and cranked out an easy 5 miler.

Friday, June 30th–Rest Day

We traveled down south to my hometown for the weekend 🙂

Saturday, July 1st–14 Long Run Miles @9:25/mile

This was hard, again. Our little town is super small so trying to map out a route pretty much meant running the perimeter of the city, lol! It was nice to have my husband along for company though, and we took a pic in front of our high school where we both met ❤

Sunday, July 2nd–Rest Day

Glorious rest.


I finished June with 125 miles and the week with 34 miles. I was surprised to see the mileage over 100 as I know I’m running, but it doesn’t feel like I’m running that much. But, I am! Lol!

The workouts have been tough and I’ve been working hard trying to nail them. I know my coach has a purpose for each run and I love testing myself, but holy cow, I’ve never ran so fast in my life. It’s exhausting, jaja!!! July is going to be insane as there is a whole lot of life happening. It’ll be fun trying to squeeze everything in, lol!!

–Are summers busy for you?

–Do you like running fast?

–How was your June running month?

–When is the last time you ran in your hometown? Is it a big or small town?


17 responses

  1. It’s been a number of years since I ran in my hometown.

    You met Ben in high school? Did you guys date back then? I met mine 5 years ago.

    I have another request for a blog post. I’m assuming that you’re no longer doing a Hanson’s style training with your coach. Could you describe the differences between your new training and Hanson’s? (Sorry if this seems nosy, but I’m genuinely curious.)

  2. I like running fast; I do not like working to run fast. I miss being fast. I am now slow comparatively, and I can’t imagine running any faster any time soon! That said, it is lovely just to be out there 😀

  3. My hometown is super small and rural and I don’t run there. I try not to visit because Charleston = Home. I’m glad you were able to stick to your schedule when traveling and you got some good mileage in! It is fun sometimes to run somewhere new or different and change it up, the hills are a good different stimulus on the body at least.

    I wish I could run fast!

  4. Oh Helly I LOVE running fast. I always dread going into those workouts but then once I finish them I literally feel like I can do anything. It’s such an empowering feeling. I miss that! You look so pretty in that photo. I LOVE the skirt! You guys are so cute and I’m glad you can run together!

    • I’ve been liking the short fast runs but I was telling Ben the other day that the long runs have felt like death because they’re a little faster than what my older long run paces used to be–so it’s a fast long run for me LOL

  5. I love running with my husband, though we don’t get to do that too often! Summer is so busy, between working, both girls in soccer, my husband working shift work, I play soccer and am training for my next race…I could go on! ha ha. I’m looking forward to my vacation at the end of this month!

  6. congrats on a great month Helly – those are some awesome run workouts and how you do it in that heat is incredible! june was non-existent for me…i think for the first time since i started running i recorded 0 miles for the month but at least i’m starting again, albeit crazy slow from where i once was!

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