IT’S RACE WEEK!!! #itsgoingdownatphx

I can’t believe it’s here!! Aaaaand I can’t believe that I’m going to try and Boston Qualify, LOL!!

I’m so excited and crazily enough, not scared. I’ve trained and made it to race week and alls that’s left is for me to go out there and see what happens.

I’m not afraid of “failure” –of not BQing. It took me soooo long to get my sub 4 hour marathon and when I finally did, I was over the moon. To be honest, I still find myself riding that high two sub 3:45 marathons later. NYC Marathon will forever be a special moment for me.

And I have a feeling that regardless of what happens on Saturday, this Phoenix Marathon will be special too. St. George Marathon was supposed to be my first attempt at qualifying for Boston, but that training cycle was marred by life circumstances which forced me to throw in the white flag halfway through. I didn’t talk much about that time in my life on here, and I don’t want to re-live it by writing it out, but I will share that it was a really rough patch (one which included me going back to work only to leave a few weeks later).

Coming out of that darkness, was Phoenix Marathon training and it was what gave me life. I threw myself into my workouts and released my frustrations from the previous months with each run. I’m so thankful to have had this cathartic cycle to help me out of what had been some tough times.

Because of that, I feel so strong going into race day–strong training wise and strong mentally. I finally feel like I’m “over” everything and back in control of my life. This confidence is what has me NOT scared. My coach has also been absolutely amazing at helping to build my confidence with my running and it’s seeped into confidence within myself.

I’m just so excited for Saturday ❤


–Thank you all for your support. I know I haven’t been as active on here, but it’s meant a lot to have this small corner of the internet world to come to when I need it. I’ll be sharing “instant” results on Instagram, BQ or no BQ. Can’t wait!


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  1. SO SO SO excited for you Helly! (Also am excited for me, because I am going for a BQ attempt the same day here in Massachusetts!) I’ve been following your journey and am so pumped to see you succeed. Best of luck girl, I’ll be cheering for you while I am running 🙂

  2. Wishing you the best of luck…it’s been amazing to follow your journey and hope you have a fabulous race on Saturday and enjoy it no matter what!

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