Mid-Week Musings (Sick Edition)

It’s Wednesday and that means

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Okay, I’m gonna keep it real.

I’m hella nervous.

Not because of any time goal or even weather (it’s supposed to rain!) but because I’m STILL sick! UGH! Yesterday, I ran 4 miles with my run club and finished the run coughing up a storm. Everyone stared at me like a crazy person 😦

The cough isn’t even the worst part; my ears have fluid in them and it’s been making my head hurt like whoa. That is the worst.

Mine's a cold/cough/allergy combo special

Mine’s a cold/cough/allergy combo special

Yesterday at work, I went to our school nurse and of course she gave me the dreaded, “I don’t recommend you run.” Jajajajaja!! Not run!?! Blasphemy!! Especially since I feel like I rocked my training this time and besides this sickness, am feeling the most confident I’ve felt going into a race.

But this cough is for real. The ear pain is for real. And I need to accept that I might have to re-evaluate my goals.

It’s hard. 

I talked to my husband about this at length last night and we both agreed that it’d be best if I go into to it as “normally” as possible. Let’s pretend there’s nothing wrong. 😀 But if I start to feel shitty and the body is not responding, then I’ll slow things down and reassess. And hopefully not DNF.

I’m happy to report that I haven’t cried. I’ve been totally mature (kinda) about the situation and I know that it’s something I can’t control. I can rest as much as I can, but beyond that, there’s not much else I can do.

Every morning I keep hoping that I’ll magically wake up 100%. One can hope.

–How do you handle sicknesses around race time?

–Any magic remedies you recommend? 

Unexpected Rest Days

I had mentioned I was feeling under the weather and I truly felt that I was on the mend but….

I’m not. I still feel icky 😦

Today is day 5 of no running and I can’t remember taking this long of break.

And I’m getting a little antsy.

But I know that rest is necessary for recovery, not just from running injuries but from other illnesses too. My head hurts, my eyes burn, my nose is stuffed and runny, my throat aches, my body aches….it’s just not a good situation. And I have two kids I run around after all day lol.

I have my 27k trail race on Saturday and the likeliness of me running before then isn’t good. My husband often travels for work and when he does–like this week–I take my kids to the gym daycare where I usually cross train. If I have to, I will get on the ‘mill but most times I’m on the elliptical or bike. I think this is what I might do the next few days.

— How do you handle unexpected rest days? Days when you had running on the schedule and life threw you a curve ball?

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