Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 6

Week 6 sucked.

It happens and it’s over and I’m moving on–but I’ll give a quick recap in case you’re wondering what the hell happened.

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Easy Runs–9:40-10:20
Long Runs–9:29

Monday, August 8th–Rest Day

You read that right. I didn’t run. So after the previous day’s 12 miler, I started feeling a little niggle in my right shin. I iced it and continued my usual rolling and stretching but in the evening, I could still feel it. My husband was leaving Monday morning for an out-of-the-country work trip (for the whole week!) but I’d planned on running before he left for the airport. I couldn’t though. I could still feel a little throb when I woke up and even though it was insignificant, it was significant enough for me to say rest. So I did.

I iced throughout the day and felt a little better. But that night, I hardly slept. I’ve always been a horrible sleeper but it intensifies when my husband’s not home (Michelle, you are my hero). I must have gotten maaaaybe 3 hours of not continuous sleep.

Tuesday, August 9th–1 mile WU, 2×1200 w/400 R, 1 mile CD

I modified the day’s workout from 4x1200 to 2x12oo for a few reasons. One, my shin. Two, I was completely exhausted from not having slept the night before. Three, I had to do this workout in the evening in 100+ degree weather. Not an ideal time to do speed work. Nonetheless, I was able to nail it.


I was really proud of this run. I did it solo and felt good despite everything and really wanted to do the full workout but I reeled myself in. I definitely needed this confidence booster though.

Wednesday, August 10thRest Day

This is Hanson’s regularly scheduled rest day. I wrote a post on how I decided to modify the plan (and more on why) to ensure I make it the whole way through.

Thursday, August 11th–Rest Day

The lack of sleep was catching up to me and I just couldn’t. Tempo run, not done.

Friday, August 12th–3.75 Easy miles

The modified plan said 4 miles (four!) and I almost got all of it in. I took my son for a run around the block and we chatted the whole way. It was a fun run as I hadn’t done a run with him in a looong time. I’m excited for cooler weather to do it more often.


Saturday, August 13th–6 Easy miles

One of the things I plan on making sure I do better this time around is running my easy runs easy. My easy range is 9:40-10:40 and my easy runs have been around the 10:00 minute range. I want them more at the 10:20-10:30 range from now on. I think this will help my situation. Sunday’s run: 10:16 average pace. Getting there.

(And my husband came home this day ❤ )

I channeled my inner Olympian for this run :D

I channeled my inner Olympian for this run 😀

Sunday, August 14th–5.8 Easy miles

This was my Moms Run This Town Summer Sparkler 5k. I had been planning and organizing for months for this race and was excited the day had finally come. My chapter co-leader and #brf Foxy Jen (she’s running Chicago for Team Fox) and I ran 4 miles before the race, then we ran 1.5 miles mapping the 5k course.


We had such a great turnout!


At the start line!


Foxy Jen and I ❤

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.26.20 PM

Medal and swag (a “sparkle” towel)

I ended this week with ~20 miles. Quite a down week in mileage compared to previous weeks but I needed it. My leg is feeling SO much better and I’ve been catching up on sleep. I’m def ready to take on the rest of the training plan 🙂

–Have you ever organized a 5k (or any race)?

–Have you changed/modified your training plan mid way through?

–Do you fall asleep quickly? I wish I did. My husband does and I ask him all time, “Don’t you have thoughts?!?”




26 responses

  1. Great week recap – not all weeks can be our best! At least you are proud of the good moments and runs. You should be! This is what training is all about… the ups AND the downs. There wouldn’t BE ups without downs! You still had a great week!!! Just a few rest days that were much needed!! Hoping it’s just a minor injury and that those rest days helped. That’s really awesome that you organized a 5K! I always admire the work that’s put into it. (I never have done it before). I’ve modified my training plan when something hurts, like you did – and a few weeks ago while traveling I switched a rest day and long run day. Other than that, I just listen to Coach and trust my training. And I actually do fall asleep quickly! As long as I’m not sick or something. And I’m the same, if my BF isn’t in bed yet, I’m restless until he’s there – then I fall STRAIGHT to sleep.& I know it may not be the healthiest choice or advice, but IF I can’t sleep, a big bowl of cereal knocks me right out! 🙂

  2. I’m SO PROUD of you for recognizing that something wasn’t right, and doing something about it. Fingers crossed that the adjustments you’re making now will keep you healthy and strong for the remainder of training!

  3. “Don’t you have thoughts?” Ha ha ha ha! Omg that’s so cute. I totally relate although for some reason, in the last couple of years, I’ve been able to fall asleep INSTANTLY. I’m always worried that I’m going to fart or say something embarrassing in my sleep because we will literally turn over to sleep and I’m OUT while Andrew is still awake. Hee hee!! Great news about your shin, and I’m so glad you listened to that hot bod of yours and reeled it in a bit. It sounds like your body appreciated the rest. YAYYYYY!!!

  4. Good call on shutting it down this week. Overall fitness won’t be impacted by missing a few miles here and there. Yes we have hosted an event before, my goodness it’s a ton of work. Thank the Lord for our church group because they have always helped sooooo much. Head hits the pillow and I’m out, must be a guy thing lol.

  5. I’m sorry you had a sub-par week, but I love your attitude. It’s over, and you’re moving on!

    I don’t sleep well without my husband, either. I fall asleep in seconds flat when he’s home, but when he’s out of town I toss and turn all night. I have to wait to get really exhausted to even attempt to sleep or my mind starts creating horrible break-in scenarios and I stay up all night.

  6. I’m sooooo proud of you for this week of training!! You may think it wasn’t a great week, but what I see is you really taking that injury prevention seriously and I give you serious kudos for that. I hope your shin/ankle continues to feel better. Until it’s 100% again, I’d say keep modifying things as you see fit. If the speed seems to be aggravating it, cut out the second speedwork of the week. I promise you’ll still make progress even if it’s not at the rate you originally wanted. What I’m learning is slow progress is better than no progress (or moving backwards in my case!) due to injury. When I finally build my base again and get back into it I won’t be doing twice a week speedwork for a loooooong while. <3<3<3

      • Yes definitely! I see it as slightly lower impact speedwork than the traditional interval type but it’s definitely a form of speedwork. Hansons is a great plan in that it has the two different types integrated so regularly (and thus improvements tend to be amazing!) but if you’re struggling with injury, it’s a bit risky to go with both of those workouts every week. Just keep cutting back when you need to if you feel any kind of tenderness or pain.

  7. So happy to hear your leg is feeling better! I had quite a few weeks during my half marathon training that I had to cut way back on or skip running due to various things and in the end it didn’t hurt my performance on race day one bit. But if I had kept running through those hurt days i could have ended up seriously injured and not able to race at all. Lol, I am totally the same that I stay up late at night thinking while my husband falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow!

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